The Latest XRT Laser Rangefinder

XRT Laser Rangefinder

A golf enthusiast very well understands the fun of having a high tech rangefinder on the field. Here you will get know about the review of the latest halo XRT laser rangefinder from Wildgame Innovations. XRT range of rangefinders have been quite impressive. The new halo XRT has all the new features that can give you the adrenaline rush to play the best golf. According to, the right golf aids can prevent anything from hurting you or your game on the field. Among all the aids one could use for playing golf, the rangefinder is one of the most critical pieces of equipment.

Here we are talking about one of the best inexpensive rangefinder with a range of 500 yards. It performs well with a magnification up to 6X level. The company promises an accuracy of upto plus or minus one yard from the specified range. Rangefinders are mostly easy to use. However, you must know to focus and zoom at the right spot. Some devices come with automatic zoom and focus technology, but a manual machine is equally good. The device is sufficiently compact and can be carried in a small bag without any problem. The power button and range finding buttons can be easily pressed so that you can operate it at ease.

The only downside one could point out in this device is that it might take a few readings to find out the accurate value of the range. People make multiple interpretations by placing any object in the same place or by focusing on another object at a range. Taking numerous readings helps locate the accurate reading. The halo XRT has a black LCD which is difficult to use when the light is less outside. The black font on the LCD is almost impossible to make out if there is not sufficient light outside.

Halo XRT is powered by a single lithium battery (CR2) which is not included in the device purchase. While using the rangefinder, you can get a lasting battery life if you switch it off whenever it is not required. It has a scanning mode to help you take multiple readings in a go. The device comes with a nylon cover that keeps it safe and intact without allowing it to get damaged. Apart from all this, the light gathering capacity is incredibly useful in Halo XRT. All these features make it a perfect purchase in its price range.

There are a few unclear facts about the rangefinder, such as the coating. Whether the laser rangefinder is thoroughly coated or multi-coated, it is not known. However, expert reviews tell us that on seeing the light transmission quality, anybody could believe that it is wholly covered. With a few ups and downs, the device stands out as an economical purchase with good operational attributes. One can go for it if you are planning to purchase a low cost yet efficient rangefinder. It can be a practice device for beginners so that they can learn the primary benefits of equipments like the rangefinder.