Know The Benefits Of Landmine 180 Workout

Benefits Of Landmine 180 Workout

The Landmine 180 also called as the russian twist for landmines abs workout is growing popular in the recent times. This unique exercise was originally developed in Russia, and as per this workout can help in developing amazing abdominal power when used in a right manner. Sports personalities from tennis, swimming, Baseball, Golf and other track sports involved in this exercise to improve their abdominal power. Interestingly, this workout is also found to be very useful for the warriors who throw the grenade in war times. Anyone who is willing to have better and nice abs can practice this unique workout in regular gyms.

Undoubtedly, Landmine 180 seems to be the best workout for improving abs, since it has been highly effective workout which is aimed to improve strength in all parts of the body. Besides improving the abdominal region, this unique workout offers strength to lower back, as well as shoulder. Most of the reputed gyms offer this exercise tool in all parts of the globe. If this tool is not available, one can still avail this workout by placing a barbell in the corner of the gym and get the same benefits.

However, one has to correctly set up this unit before starting the workout, to avoid any damage or injury to the users. Remember the fact that Landmine 180, is not only innovative but also offer fun as it is more user-friendly when used properly as per the trainers give the instructions. For making outstanding results, do not hesitate to grab your barbell or landmine and start your daily workout.

Procedures to be followed in landmine 180

For better and safe results one has to follow the given procedures:

To start: First and foremost, one has to set up the landmine by using the appropriate weight along the long rod of recommended length.

Raise the bar: The bar with the weight can be lifted to shoulder height with the help of both the hands and with the extended arms. A user has to position in such a way to have a wider distance between legs. This is the right step to begin the Landmine 180 workout.

Usage of trunk and hips: To get the desired results one has to use the trunk and hips to move the weighted landmine rod from side to side. One has to swing the rod down by keeping arms extended and hold it for few seconds to feel the burn.

Return to start position: After completely moved to one side, a user needs to bring it to the start position and move in the other direction, and this cycle has to be completed for few minutes as prescribed by the trainer.

Landmine 180 is primarily aimed to focus the abdominal region, and hence it is strongly recommended to those who wish to have a healthy and strong abdomen without any fat contents. Also, this workout improves the muscles in the other regions such as shoulder and lower back.
Daily exercise is vital to keep yourself hale and healthy and reduce diseases.