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Cricket has been one of the widely played sport all over the world. Countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies have contributed some of the very famous and legendary players to this game over the years. Although second to football in terms of fan following, more than 2-3 billion people worlds over passionately follow this sport. Some astonishing names with their great success stories considered to be as ideals to all those youngsters who are inspired to take up professional cricket as their career choice. Many coaching institutes are offering extensive training to children aspiring to be great cricketers. To assist players in getting best out of these training by the use of appropriate equipment, Meulemans Cricket Centre has been offering a wide range of products.
As per the study in, nowadays parents are encouraging their children to pursue their passion for sports and other talents as the profession rather than traditional career options. It has been discovered doing what you love has a positive impact on your mental and physical health and chances of achieving success is higher in such professional choices.
Using the right gear and equipment for the sport enhances the performance and also ensures the security of the player. Cricket is a game of right technique and decision-making. To get the result desired one should be careful while buying the kit which involves:
1. Bat: Bats are available in varied size like a full-size, youth size. Depending on the age of the right player, the choice has to be made. The weight is a critical parameter, heavier bats have more wood used and help in giving power in strokes and swing, medium weight bats are more convenient to use for faster and sharper stokes. Lightweight bats require technique to get out good shots hence ideal for experienced players. Depending on the strengths of the player, the right choice should be made. It is necessary to identify the sweet spot, a point where you intend the ball to hit the bat, based on the same correct piece with right grain size should be picked.

2. Protection gears: these gears include, batting gloves and pads, body-guard, helmets for the batsmen and pads and gloves for wicket keepers. More comfortable and flexible textures have been used nowadays in designing these pads and gloves apart from cotton and leather traditionally used. These gears reduce the impact of shock but not completely protect from the injury, so players should be very careful and alert while playing to avoid any major injury.

3. Helmets: These are made of carbon fiber and fiberglass which is a highly durable and strong substance. Wearing a helmet for long hours get a little uncomfortable, hence ventilated and hydrated designing of helmet help the player to focus on the game nicely.

The correct clothing and footwear improve the performance. Various leading brands research and design sport specific clothing and footwear to ensure comfort and increased efficiency of the players.

To enhance the effectiveness of coaching sessions, many new age equipment and accessories are now in the market for bowling machine, cricket nets, pitches, boundary ropes, fielding stumps, marker cones, fielding machines and throw down nets.